701 E. Sprague St. § Winston-Salem, NC 27107




Who We Are

Iglesia Bautista Cristo Vive is an independent Baptist Church, initiated under the auspices of Baptist Mid-Missions, led by missionaries Paul and Elaine Kintner. Seeing the need for an authentic local Hispanic Baptist Church on the south side of Winston-Salem, IBCV began in March of 2005 with the goal of reaching the Hispanic community with the message of Christ. Very soon several families seeking such a church began attending and are now forming the membership, and beginning to grow and serve the Lord with us.

Our goal is to establish a strong independent, autonomous church with leadership to grow and reach the Hispanic community for Christ and with a missionary vision to reproduce itself in other areas of the city, the State, the USA, and the countries of origin of the Hispanic people. This will be accomplished through preaching, teaching, discipling, and sending forth laborers into the harvest fields. The Word of God and the will of God are our mandate.

Letter of Introduction